Progress Meetings

Date Meeting
06.12.2018 Final Progress Meeting, University of Oxford
19.06.2018 6th Progress Meeting, University of Strasbourg
26.10.2017 5th Progress Meeting, University of Genoa
09.06.2017 4th Progress Meeting, University of Pisa
01-02.12.2016 Mid-Term Review Meeting, University College London
26.09.2016 3rd Progress Meeting, SURFLAY
29.02.2016 2nd Progress Meeting, University College London
31.08.2015 1st Progress Meeting, University of Strasbourg
02.03.2015 Kick-Off Meeting, University College London

Conferences, schools and workshops

Date Event
20-22.06.2018 E-MRS Spring Meeting 2018 – Sympsosium U “Advanced materials and architecture for organic, printable and bio-inspired photonics” (Strasbourg, France) organised by SYNCHRONICS
27.10.2017 Phd students as a bRidge bEtween SciencE aNd soCiEty (PRESENCE) (Genoa, Italy) organised by SYNCHRONICS
06-08.06.2017 Optical characterization of photonic structures International School (Pisa, Italy) organised by SYNCHRONICS
05-06.06.2017 3rd Workshop – Photonic devices for bio components, UNI-PI, organised by SYNCHRONICS
26.09 – 30.09.2016 SYNCHRONICS has attended the European Optical Society Bi-Annual Meeting 2016 (EOSAM) in Berlin
27.09.2016 2nd Workshop – Exploitation and valorisation of research, SURFLAY, organised by SYNCHRONICS
01.03 – 03.03.2016 Advanced Optical Materials and Devices International School (London) organised by SYNCHRONICS together with other two EU-funded Initial Training Networks, iSwitch and OSNIRO
01.09 – 05.09.2015 SYNCHRONICS has attended the 13th European Conference on Molecular Electronics (ECME) in Strasbourg
01.09.2015 1st Workshop, on Communication skills for early stage scientists, University of Strasbourg, organised by SYNCHRONICS