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About the Workshop

The “Phd students as a bRidge bEtween SciencE aNd soCiEty “(PRESENCE) International Workshop will be organised by SYNCHRONICS in Genoa (Italy) from 26th October to 5th November 2017.

The Workshop is focused on to build a bridge for a bidirectional connection between PhD students and the public at large, and especially high-school pupils. In this event, PhD students will be both cornerstone actors for the popularisation of fundamental research, and the beneficiary of high-level scholar training events beyond scientific and technological fields, delivered as invited talks by a number of eminent speakers.

The PhD students will actively demonstrate the importance of science and technology in society’s development. The experience they have accumulated in both fundamental and applied research will enable them to act as ambassadors of science and technology and popularise a variety of different topics in areas as diverse as Photonics, Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry, Photophysics, and Organic Electronics, that are set to become ever more pervasive in our society, but whose awareness might not be fully perceived by the public yet.

More details are available on the website:

PRESENCE is a free event within the Italian science festival “Festival della Scienza” held from 26th October to 5th November  2017. Please, visit the Festival della Scienza website for more details on additional events:

Organising Contact

  • Davide Comoretto – University of Genoa

Confirmed invited speakers

The seminar session of PRESENCE will illustrate a wealth of perspectives and opportunities arising from science and technology and of acute relevance (and mostly unexpected) to PhD students and general public alike. The aim will be to trigger far-ranging discussions on science popularisation, novel writing, school employments, and international scientific policy, with huge implications for the role of science and technology in our society, by leveraging the professional and personal experience of the following eminent invited speakers.

  1. Marco Pallavicini, Physicist and President of the Festival della Scienza – University of Genoa, Italy – The Genoa Science Festival
  2. Piersandro Pallavicini, Chemist and Novel Writer (“La chimica della bellezza”, Feltrinelli 2016) – University of Pavia, Italy – Chemistry and storytelling: removing stereotypes, injecting beauty
  3. Marilena Carnasciali, Chemist and Member of the National Plan for Master in Science Board – University of Genoa, Italy – Making science popular:…mission possible for students!
  4. Armida Torreggiani, Chemist and coordinator of “raw matters ambassador at school: European dissemination project” – ISOF-CNR Bologna, Italy – Teaching and Research: the Contact!
  5. Roberto Di Lauro, Professor of Medical Genetics and Scientific Attaché of the Italian Embassy in UK – University of Napoli “Federico II”, Italy – Italian science diplomacy; the case of UK


The workshop will start at 9:00 pm  and will end at 1 pm on Friday 27th of October. PRESENCE is organised in two sessions: Seminar and Poster.


Speaker Talk
09.15-09.30 Prof. Paolo Comanducci Welcome by the Dean of the University of Genoa
09.30-10.00  Prof. Marco Pallavicini The Genoa Science Festival
10.00-10.30 Prof. Piersandro Pallavicini Chemistry and storytelling: removing stereotypes, injecting beauty
10.30-11.00 Dr. Armida Torreggiani Making science popular:…mission possible for students!
11.00-12.00 Poster Session & Coffee Break
12.00-12.30 Prof. Roberto Di Lauro Italian science diplomacy; the case of UK
12.30-13.00 Dr. Marilena Carnasciali Teaching and Research: the Contact! (Presence of Science in Society)


ESR1: Giuseppe Carnicella – UCL London Photonics to Connect the World ESR2: Tecla Arcidiacono – UCL London Wonderful Photonics in Nature ESR3: Alexandros Rapidis – UCL London Flexible Electronics
ESR 4: Stefanie Claudia Neutzner – CNST-IIT Photovoltaic Technologies for a Sustainable Society ESR 5: Giuseppe Maria Paternó – CNST-IIT The Flow of Time: from Photography to Ultrafast Spectroscopy ESR6: Elisa Alloa – University of Cyprus Good Vibrations
ESR6: Marco Squillaci – Université de Strasbourg Self-Assembly in Nature ESR7: Paola Lova – University of Genova Structural Color and Sensing ESR8: Aline Debrassi – SURFLAY GmbH Berlin Marbles in the Nanoworld
ESR9: Sabine Weidlich – UNI-Oxford The Creator: How to Synthesize a New Molecule ESR10: Lara Tejerina Gonzales – UNI-Oxford Macrocycles: from the Bio-World to Photonics ESR11: Valentina Robbiano – University of Pisa The New Era: from Silicon to Bio-Organics
ESR12: Vincenzo Grande – UNI-Wurzburg Playing LEGO with Molecules: Supramolecular Chemistry ESR13: Piotr Jacek Cegielski – AMO GmbH Aachen Photonic Devices in Everyday Life ESR14: Fabio Scafirimuto – IBM Zurich Exotic light-matter states for future quantum simulation

General information

Workshop Venue

Aula Magna (Talks) & Library (Poster Session and Coffee Break)
Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale (DCCI)
Università di Genova (
Via Dodecaneso, 31 16146 Genova (Italy)

How to find us

From Genova Airport: